Who Can Afford Cars When Food is Scarce?

On one of my trips to India a few years ago, and at an outdoor market buying fruit, I found myself surrounded by a group of hungry people. Hands outstretched, they all wanted something to eat. I told the vendors that I’d purchase each of them a kala, a banana. They smiled wide, assuring me that as an american this is not something I see in my own country. When I told them that we have many hungry and homeless people in the U.S. they laughed and said “Not in the richest country in the world!” The problem is much more dire today. Food stamp use is near an all time high, though some people who are struggling to make ends meet make too much to qualify for them. Every year our local post office has a food drive; this year I’ll be donating more than usual since the food banks too are struggling to keep up with the demand.

Hunger in America: The Reality of the Problem

Car Sales Slump, Imports Backed Up at Ports


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