Gerald Celente: “There’s Really No Way Out”

YouTube video of audio interview with Gerald Celente on the Lew Rockwell show. While Gerald gives a sobering view of things to come, for which he says “there’s really no way out”, he says there is hope in the secessionist movements, that america is a very flexible and resilient country. He warns that until the People decide not to vote for a lesser of two evils any longer and only take a new route can things truly Change.

Part I

Part II


4 responses to “Gerald Celente: “There’s Really No Way Out”

  1. I really respect this man’s opinion. There was a chilling interview by Celente posted on my blog ( about food riots, 2012 and the state of our nation. It’s definitely eye opening…

  2. i’ve seen that interview and frankly, was surprised it was on mainstream fox news. the info is out there, if people are listening.

  3. I know Gerald, we took the same self defense class together. We worked out together. I bet he knows more than what he lets on, unlike Bill Cooper who let it all hang out. Gerald tempers his information for mass public consumption.
    When I heard Bill predict the Atlanta Olympics bombing, I was hooked from there on out. Bill’s predictions were far more shocking than what Celente would say publically. Gerald did tell us in one class that governor Connelly of Texas did tell him, ” If the American public really knew what was going on in this country, there would be a revolution over night”. I doubt it, I think the American sheeple has been too dumb down and is too complacent to do anything. Gov. Connelly was the man in the limo when they murdered JFK.

  4. Gerald, who i heard make a comment about being a Blackbelt, may know more than he lets seep out onto the public airwaves, but he says enough that ought to get people taking appropriate action for the future.

    TV has been an effective tool to keep people too complacent to rise up and revolt against a very corrupt system. It’s not an act of kindness or generosity that the gov’t is giving vouchers to help get people converted to HDTV. Without the television programming, there may well be revolution.

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