Outsourcing America – from the film ‘Outsourced’

The 2006 film Outsourced looks at the issues of job loss in America (in a comedic fashion) due to companies moving operations to countries where they can get cheaper labor. As the U.S. economy sinks further and further into deep recession, there’s little to laugh about. If we’re not manufacturing anything, how long can we go on consuming?

Outsourcing America – American jobs being given to India and China at a fraction of the cost – ‘eight heads for the price of one’.

Made in China – This clip speaks on the issue of American sentiment re losing jobs to India while also addressing all the things we buy that are made in China. We want cheap stuff, however, most of it comes from China. Can’t have it both ways…

China’s the New India – ’20 heads for the price of 1; what’dya gonna do’…


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