This New Year, Resolve to Be Peace


Resolutions made on the first of a new year are often too soon forgotten. I think it’s partially because they’re not backed with true intention, and partially due to lack of commitment.

The most important resolution anytime of the year is to be a vessel of Peace. To care about ourselves so that we care about others. To love other beings as much as we love material things. Imagine caring about people as much as or more than material goods. Imagine the Peace in that.

‘if we have no peace it is because we have forgotten that we belong to each other’ mother teresa



2 responses to “This New Year, Resolve to Be Peace

  1. Love the pictures.. first time posting on something like this.. was searching google for a new background.. googled “give peace a chance” and found this… John Lennon is inspirational.

  2. Agreed – John is an amazingly inspirational being!

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