Bank of America Fraud With Taxpayer Money

Tell Bank of America: Help Your Workers or Give Back the Bailout
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Taxpayers have given Bank of America $25 billion in bailout funds to help jumpstart our economy, but instead the bank has misspent on executive salaries and corporate jets. Then Bank of America took even more money from cash-strapped states by not paying for workers’ healthcare.

It’s time for Bank of America to use its taxpayer-funded windfall to support a real economic recovery and provide health care for its 247,000 workers—or give the money back. Bank of America should also:

*Keep over 12,000 troubled borrowers in their homes with executive bonus money
*End the practice of unilaterally changing credit cardholder agreements.
*Sign new leases with renters who live in buildings that are being foreclosed upon
*Commit to providing affordable healthcare to all of its employees and their dependents.
*Strict enforcement of whistleblower protections to workers who report bank fraud and predatory practices

One response to “Bank of America Fraud With Taxpayer Money

  1. London is already showing signs of a rotting and unyielding private healthcare …

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