Ritalin: A Dangerous Addictive Drug

Two new stories in the press about the dangers of Ritalin, though this is not new news. Ritalin is classified as a Schedule II drug, in the same class as cocaine, yet children are still being drugged with it.

Ritalin May Cause Changes In The Brain’s Reward Areas

The study highlights the need for more research into methylphenidate’s long-term effects on the brain, the researchers say. The findings were published February 3 in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

The researchers, led by Yong Kim, senior research associate, and Paul Greengard, Vincent Astor Professor and head of the Laboratory of Molecular and Cellular Neuroscience, exposed mice to two weeks of daily injections of cocaine or methylphenidate. They then examined reward areas of the brain for changes in dendritic spine formation — related to the formation of synapses and the communication between nerve cells — and the expression of a protein called delta Fos B, which has been implicated in the long-term actions of addictive drugs.

Both drugs increased dendritic spine formation and the expression of delta Fos B; however, the precise patterns of their effects were distinct. They differed in the types of spines affected, the cells that were affected and the brain regions. In some cases there was overlap between the two drugs, and in some cases methylphenidate produced greater effects than cocaine, for example, on protein expression in certain regions. Both methylphenidate and cocaine are in the class of drugs known as psychostimulants.

“Methylphenidate, which is thought to be a fairly innocuous compound, can have structural and biochemical effects in some regions of the brain that can be even greater than those of cocaine,” says Kim. “Further studies are needed to determine the behavioral implications of these changes and to understand the mechanisms by which these drugs affect synapse formation.”

The Truth About Ritalin: Dangerous Drug for ADHD

Unless we live under giant boulders, most of us have heard about Tom Cruise’s recent appearance on the Today Show with host Matt Lauer. In response to direct questioning, Cruise boldly expressed his v iews on psychiatry, declaring it a pseudoscience and denouncing the use of Ritalin.

His communication lacked the slick social veneer that would have made it more palatable to the masses, and thankfully so–by ruffling some feathers he started a much-needed media firestorm on the subject of psychiatry.

As a result, issues that much of society has conveniently put in an old box marked “someone else’s responsibility” and placed in the back of the cultural closet are finally being brought to light.

Not the least of which is this country’s obsession with Ritalin, the drug of choice for psychiatrists everywhere.

So in the interest of shedding light on shadowy subjects, let’s follow in Mr. Cruise’s footsteps and keep that important conversation going.

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