Another Gardasil Death – Merck Maintains it’s Safe and Effective

Vaccines-Gardasil,Death, And Extreme Side Effects

Propaganda for Gardasil

From the CDC Website on HPV:

How does HPV cause cervical cancer?

HPV can cause normal cells on your cervix to turn abnormal. Most of the time, HPV goes away on its own. When HPV goes away, your cervical cells go back to normal. But if HPV lingers for many years, these abnormal cells can turn into cancer.

How likely am I to get cancer if I have HPV?

Few women who have HPV get cervical cancer—as long as they follow their doctor’s advice for needed testing or treatment.

Is there a treatment for HPV?

There is no treatment for HPV, but most people’s bodies do eventually fight the virus off.

Will I have HPV forever?

In most women, HPV goes away within two years

For More Information:

Danger of Gardasil for Cervical Cancer Vaccinations

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