Secret Prison Interrogation Videos Destroyed

CIA destroyed 92 interrogation videos : “An investigation into the serious abuses of the ’War on Terror’ is imperative”

Federal authorities confirmed on 2 March that 92 videotapes showing the interrogation of detainees at secret prisons were destroyed in 2005 by the CIA. Reporters Without Borders asks that the new Obama administration lead an investigation into this infringement of the American people’s constitutional rights and punish those who are responsible.

“The sheer number of videotapes destroyed by the CIA confirms that the agency systematically tried to hide from the public the illegal interrogation techniques used by the previous administration. The public has the right to know what the government is doing and be confident that those in power are upholding the democratic values upon which this country is based,” the worldwide press freedom organization said.

“We hope that the secrecy and lack of transparency that prevailed during the beginning of this decade will be replaced with freer access to information and clear visibility of current governmental practices. The government must thoroughly investigate this breach of access to information and hold accountable those responsible. American society cannot hold back as it investigates these grave violations committed under the presidency of George W. Bush in the name of the ’war on terror.’ This investigation into the former administration’s actions will be debated by the Senate Judiciary Committee on 4 March. The credibility of the United States’ stance on human rights hangs in the balance over this,” added the organization.

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CIA destroyed 92 terror interrogation records

2 responses to “Secret Prison Interrogation Videos Destroyed

  1. Did they debate it? What happened after March 4th?

    My guess is that many key Democrats were briefed and aware of many programs that a truth commission might investigate as some kind of war crime; it would be hard to focus on just one activity that the administration did solely in the dark without the knowledge of the democrats on the intel committees, and even if one did, the water would get muddied pretty quick. I will be surprised to see any kind of commission that digs deep or that is given real teeth.

    Time will tell. . .

  2. I think my above comment is on the wrong post, sorry, I am 90% text, 10% tech, what can I say 🙂

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