America’s Homeless Children

1 in 50 American children experiences homelessness


One of every 50 American children experiences homelessness, according to a new report that says most states have inadequate plans to address the worsening and often-overlooked problem.

The report being released Tuesday by the National Center on Family Homelessness gives Connecticut the best ranking. Texas is at the bottom.
“These kids are the innocent victims, yet it seems somehow or other they get left out,” said the center’s president, Dr. Ellen Bassuk. “Why are they America’s outcasts?”

The report analyzes data from 2005-2006. It estimates that 1.5 million children experienced homelessness at least once that year, and says the problem is surely worse now because of the foreclosures and job losses of the deepening recession.

“If we could freeze-frame it now, it would be bad enough,” said Democratic Sen. Robert Casey of Pennsylvania, who wrote a foreward to the report. “By end of this year, it will be that much worse.”

The report’s overall state rankings reflect performance in four areas: child homelessness per capita, child well-being, risk for child homelessness, and state policy and planning.

The top five states were Connecticut, New Hampshire, Hawaii, Rhode Island and North Dakota. At the bottom were Texas, Georgia, Arkansas, New Mexico and Louisiana. Full Story

Snapshot of Child Homelessness

Forty-two percent (approximately 650,000 children) of homeless children are under the age of 6 years, compared to just 34% of all American children.


our american society’s shameless crime

Homeless American


10 responses to “America’s Homeless Children

  1. I recently started a company called
    Michael’s Chance. We hire homeless women and at risk students. I would be greatful if you could share with me your photo source. We do not take photos of our employees out of respect to their privacy. Could you share with me your photo source. Thank you for your help.

  2. This is for Annie,
    Blessings to you for the program you’re beginning^i^ You’re an Angel.. I wanted to say also that I am an amateur photographer and people are my biggest work, I would love to share some of my work at no charge of course,I just want to do my part. :]
    Good Luck~

  3. For “Michaels Chance
    God bless you Annie ^i^

  4. This Holiday season I am planning on helping families in need. I plan on doing this by making a flyer for Deseret Industries which is taking in donations and giving them to families which are in need this Christmas. I was wondering if I could use your photo of the homeless mother and child. I think this would help give my flyer a dramatic effect, and hopefully spur people to action.

  5. How can i help this situation. i feel very bad for homeless people

    • Marques – it is difficult to pass someone who is homeless on the street and feel helpless. Personally, i sometimes offer food, occassionally a small amount of money, or if i cannot do that, a smile and a hello so that they know they are not invisible and that they matter. Beyond that i am never sure how to truly help.

  6. I’ve been knitting and crocheting for homeless for a couple of years, and have quite a few people helping. I have a blog dedicated to spreading the word about homelessness, and the ways we can help through yarn craft.

    I believe I understand then this is not your picture and it’s ok to use in other posts. It’s a powerful photo.


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