Obama’s Plan is Fueling Inflation, and Protests

Economists criticise US bailout plan

Americans are becoming increasingly anxious over how the economic crisis is being handled.

They are taking aim at Wall Street, and are protesting over the multi-million dollar bonuses paid to executives at the insurance company AIG after it was bailed out using taxpayers’ money.

Now economists fear that the US president’s strategy for economic recovery will fuel inflation.

One response to “Obama’s Plan is Fueling Inflation, and Protests

  1. what;s it take for these so called people that are suppose to be running this country to wake up and take a stand against this overwheming hardship on the American people. what the heck is wrong with them with this bankruptancy they are putting us in, and why in the name of heavens are they sitting back while barry is allowing these terriost invade this country.
    We can see it are they blind?Or maybe just don.t give a care.
    What are we suppose to do just sit and wait for them to start bombing our country.
    And I got wind of his recruiting children now for his trying to turn this country into nazi germany. If I>m wrong and I hope I am excuse this post. If not parents have to take a stand.
    There are so many wrong things going on that I am getting dizzy from the spin.

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