Sending the Big Dogs into Afghanistan


US unleashes metal beast

AMERICA has called out its new weapon to send into battle in Afghanistan – a terrifying pack of robotic “BigDogs”.

The state-of-the-art headless four-legged metal beasts have been designed to navigate the country’s treacherous terrain.

And – as it leaps towards the enemy on animal-inspired articulated legs – the BigDog also lets off an eerie lawnmower buzz.

Creators Boston Dynamics claim BigDog can run as fast as four miles per hour, walk slowly, lie down and climb slopes up to 35 degrees.

These are just some of the new weapons being tested in the wartorn country – along with pilotless helicopters than can transport tons of supplies to remote bases.

The K-MAX remote-controlled chopper has been designed to fly even in Afghanistan’s high altitudes.

Frans Jurgens, spokesman for Lockheed Martin Corporation, which manufactures the K-MAX, said: “The K-MAX is basically an aerial truck.

“All the energy goes into the lift and eliminates the need for the tail rotor.”


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