America *Does* Torture

Shepard Smith: America Does Not Fucking Torture!

Shep Smith- This is America, We Don’t Torture

Psychologist Proposed Exploitation Facility

Torture ‘doesn’t work’


2 responses to “America *Does* Torture


    Once Again, You Provide Excellent Coverage on a Serious Subject.

    I can relate to the guy slamming his hand on the table…saying “America doesn’t F-n Torture”

    Bizarre world that we live in where we have to demand our leaders to behave

    Glad to see this kind of discussion in the media

    (We) are protesting outside of (torture memo writer) Judge Bybee’s Portland 9th Circuit court by Pioneer Square every Thursday, (around noon) this is a small group …but they have a powerful message!

    Thanks for being a Voice on this Human Rights issue!

    • Joe anybody – thanks for your comment. Everyday I learn of new information surfacing on the torture issue. I will continue to post and speak out about it. Human rights issues are what moves me most deeply. It defies nature and logic to inflict harm on one another yet the incidences of it is increasing daily.

      How are the Thursday protests going? Thanks for being there, and for being a voice for justice! Your site has excellent coverage on the issue of torture. Thank you for keeping us informed.

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