The Torture Photos Obama Refuses to Release

President Obama’s refusal to release torture photos that would help incriminate the Bush administration is further proof that the status quo remains steadfast and corrupt. You may recall that Obama’s nonstop campaign criticism of Bush changed once the election was over. In a CNN interview Obama said: ” I mean, I think personally he is a good man who loves his family and loves his country.”

The torture photos, most of which have been circulating on the internet for some time, have recently been published on several sites. The images – grisly and disgusting – have been done in the name of Americans, with taxpayer money. While such torturous tactics are beyond cruel and inhumane, it is important to remember that many of the prisoners are innocent, and most have never been allowed the right to trial.

In Reversal, Obama Seeks to Block Abuse Photos

Torture hearing – CNN

* * *

It is (apparently) the first 13 images of the slideshow that we’ve been told Obama is refusing to release. Please be forewarned of the graphic disturbing images of the photos.

Ex-Bush Official: Many at Guantanamo Bay Are Innocent

2 responses to “The Torture Photos Obama Refuses to Release

  1. Several weeks ago I was trapped in dense traffic on the highway heading home and after a thirty minute wait or so, discovered there had been an accident involving a car and motorcycle. The motorcyclist had been killed and the car badly damaged, but what made the accident so horrific was the biker had been dismembered and body parts littered the highway.

    There really was nothing to see and the bystanders couldn’t have aided in any way to the victim or driver of the car, in order to console the driver; so why were about fifty people standing around – gawking at the remains of the deceased victim?

    I guess this same question comes to mind when I learn of additional, “new” photographs showing U.S. troops abusing Iraqi inmates at Abu Ghraib prison in Baghdad. Why?

    Yes, America needs to know what took place there five years ago, under our control, and who was responsible, which to my understanding has already been established with the military torturers held accountable for there actions.

    If there’s more to investigate, then let’s continue and reopen the case, and should some of these “new” photos oroduce additional details – OK perhaps release those images, but let’s put this behind us and move on to correcting our laws and policies to prevent something like this ever happening again.

    • It is important to bear witness to such atrocities so that we put an end to them. The photos are only sensational if we look and do nothing. Such images are meant to stir us to action, compel us to speak out, move us to anger!

      The Napalm Girl was one such photo that had considerable impact on the world, an important image to see the violence being inflicted upon innocent Vietnamese.

      Equally important are the images of Iraqi babies who’ve been exposed to depleted uranium (DU) as a result of the artillery shelling. The grotesque images are difficult to view, but we need to see (one of) the impact(s) that U.S.’s illegal war is having on innocent Iraqi’s so that we can put an end to the occupation. Every parent encouraging or supporting their child to go to war ought to see those images. Every soldier needs to see the legacy he is leaving in his name. The images prove that DU is NOT safe, which is what they would have us believe, so from that standpoint (as well) they are important images for us to see.

      Re the accident perhaps the bystanders needed to stand together as a community to console one another after witnessing a horrible accident. To stay shut up in one’s car, look away and drive on as if nothing had occurred is a more concerning human condition, imo.

      And Imagine if that group of 50 multiplied x 10, 100, 1000, or more, poured out into the street in defense of those who have been wronged instead of sitting with passive disregard in front of a propaganda box that tells us what to think, lies to us.

      Americans (especially) need to see the crimes being committed in their names, with the taxes from their earnings they so willingly pay.

      I’d be far less concerned about the human behavior of those wanting to see vs. those who can’t be bothered with it, or worse, those who are smiling as they carry out acts of torture against their fellow human beings.

      If we have no peace it is because we have forgotten that we belong to each other — Mother Teresa

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