Doctor’s Speak Out Against Vaccines

Doctors and Health Pros Warn Against Swine Flu Vaccine

3 responses to “Doctor’s Speak Out Against Vaccines

  1. Have put up your link on Chen Qi

  2. My 2 children both developed ADHD and autism after their 18 month vaccines. We see one of the foremost research doctors on autism for their health management. When directly asked about getting flu shots, she adamantly discouraged them. “They contain some of the most harmful neurotoxins known to man,” she said. My question to the CDC: If some people can die just by being in the same airplane as an open bag of peanuts, then why is it so hard for people to believe that multiple shots of neurotoxins injected into the body just might cause neurological damage, even in “low “doses?

    • Angie – I am sorry to hear that your children were negatively impacted by vaccines. It amazes me that will all the available evidence there is to verify the direct correlation between vaccines and disease, the campaigns and innoculations continue. It’s B$G Business on both ends – revenue from the vaccines, and ongoing revenue that gets generated from the sicknesses that result from them. Please continue to speak out and inform others about the inherent dangers of vaccinations.

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