Why Aren’t Obama’s Daughters Receiving the H1N1 Vaccine?

Sasha & Malia Will Not Receive the Swine Flu Vaccine

According to White House Press Secretary, Robert Gibbs, Obama’s Daughters will not receive the vaccine based on their profile. Apparently, according to him, only children with an impaired immune system are supposed to take the vaccine. But, I don’t think that is not what the media has been reporting at all. In fact, when my grandchildren went to get the “mist”, the only thing the doctor asked about was any allergies. They are perfectly healthy kids.

It gets stranger all the time, as this is supposed to be a level 6 pandemic, not a virus that only attacks susceptible children. According to WHO, “Almost half of the reported cases of oseltamivir resistant virus have occured in patients taking oseltamivir for prophylaxis. While the significance of this observation is not yet clear, prophylaxis should only be offered where there are strong reasons for doing so..in general, WHO does not recommend the use of antiviral drugs for prophylactic purposes. For people who have had exposure to an infected person and are at a higher risk of developing severe or complicated illness, an alternative option is close monitoring for symptoms, followed by prompt early antiviral treatment should symptoms develop.

Why do I keep hearing doctors on Cable News, including Fox, recommending that children receive a flu shot for prevention. Am I missing something here? In fact, I went to the official site of the Secretary of Human Health Services, and that was the first thing I saw: the importance of getting your flu shot. Every time I drive by Walgreens, there it is a sign “Get your flu shot.” Full Story

Sid the Science Kid Gets a Flu Shot (Propaganda for kids)

One response to “Why Aren’t Obama’s Daughters Receiving the H1N1 Vaccine?

  1. The Obama kids are not in the restricted priority list. http://www.cdc.gov/media/pressrel/2009/r090729b.htm
    The original list was 159 million which included all persons under 24…however with the severe shortage they are not on the list which is on the link and as follows…
    The committee does not expect that there will be a shortage of novel H1N1 vaccine, but availability and demand can be unpredictable. There is some possibility that initially the vaccine will be available in limited quantities. In this setting, the committee recommended that the following groups receive the vaccine before others:
    * pregnant women,
    * people who live with or care for children younger than 6 months of age,
    * health care and emergency medical services personnel with direct patient contact,
    * children 6 months through 4 years of age, and
    * children 5 through 18 years of age who have chronic medical conditions.

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