i like rebellious. i’ve always been, in a peaceful sort of way. i started questioning the day i started talking. the things that didn’t make sense i questioned more to try and make sense of them. there’s still a lot that i don’t fully comprehend, most of it related to the stuckness of the human species. that includes me too since i’m a part of this wheel that goes round and round…

as children we’re told to not question authority, to do as we’re told. that’s a way to keep us in our place, so that as we go through the phases of our lives, we don’t bother to question the injustices that happen.

don’t get trapped in that. don’t believe the lie of that. it will cage you into a self-imposed prison that will eat you up inside.

question everything. take nothing at face value. study life. examine it. explore it from every possible angle. get into the thick and juicy of it. taste it. hear it. scream it. take it inside of you. participate fully. socialize, revelize, materialize. participate fully.

i became involved in photojournalism work after the events of 9.11, attending protests and demonstrations against the illegal actions (occupations) of our government. i felt strongly that our dissent needed a voice, needed to be documented, so that our children and future generations knew that we were speaking out and rising up. i started photographing and writing about the dissent, posting my articles on Portland Indymedia, (an online open publishing newswire) under the alias peace rebel girl.

i don’t personally subscribe to the idea that hope has the power to change the corruption of the system. Change requires honesty, simplicity, equality and the commitment to put those ideas into practice on a continual basis. The first place to start is in our own lives, making the commitment to refuse to cower to a system that keeps us a prisoner of it. The only way to do this is to possess an intrepid resolve that leaves no room for fear, a rEvolution of the heart.

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  1. This blog is now one of my favourite reads! I’m linking to you!

  2. Thank you – you’ll keep me on my toes!

  3. The one thing I noticed about the quest for truth, is when you start to figure things out, you start to lose friends. It definitely doesn’t get you dates on a Saturday night, it definitely has killed my love life, but maybe that’s me . . . but how can you sleep when your bed is burning ? So I risk this loss by opening my mouth and blogging also . When you see injustice from every avenue and angle, how can you keep your mouth shut? If you want a healthy productive future you need to have good friends around to make things happen, you really cant do it on your own, you need a team that’s on the same page. Everyone wants to believe that this new president for “change” is going to fix everything. Personally I feel Obama was groomed from an early age and he has NO control over anything except our psyches, well not mine anyways and I cannot possibly see how he is going to fix anything that was predicated on majic and the hocus pocus of the federal reserve system along with a multi-trillion dollar debt. Unless our money masters take pity on us . . . He was basically handed the Titanic.

  4. It’s true Andre – I’m a bit radically minded for most. Radical is simply about going to the root or source. It’s perfectly logical to me, but seems to allude many.

    I think that we all have a responsibility to speak out about injustice, or else we are a part of it.

    There ain’t no sort of magick that will presto fix the quagmire we’re ensnared in. It will take courage, audacity and commitment, from the people, who have the power!

  5. you radical ? We have gone sane in a world gone mad. And people dont get it; they are the ones going against the grain, I feels anyway. We are the ones who want stewardship towards the land and others and everyone else is in an orgy of insanity. We want pure food and clear air and water, everybody else wants their neuro toxin laden Doritos and aspartame and the headache that accompanies it.
    Thanks for speaking up and out and being a kindered spirit !


  6. Your blog name made me think about a Russian name:


    First name origin & meaning:

    Old Slavic: Demands peace

    Love your blog.

    Mine is at: http://www.onthewilderside.com

  7. Kasmira – that’s lovely, the name and the meaning. thank you!

  8. good blog… stick it to em!

  9. “In a world where ignorance is bliss, ’tis a folly to be wise”
    “It is better to light one candle than to curse the darkness”

    A friend sent me some links to your blog, and I feel like I found the only other sane person in the Cockoo’s Nest. Really great stuff! I’ve been preaching about the make-believe, unsustainable economy for 20 years. It has had no rewards, but Truth is Truth. Keep up the great work.

  10. saw your post on Freedom force’s web page. love your new handle. peacerebelgirl. hang in there. my quote, “freedom will ultimately cost us more than we are will to pay but will be worth every drop of blood to those who follow and cherish freedom as you and I do.”

  11. should be “willing to pay”

  12. Thanks bamapatriot – a life without freedom is not worth living.

  13. “It’s true Andre – I’m a bit radically minded for most. Radical is simply about going to the root or source. It’s perfectly logical to me, but seems to allude many.”

    Sigh…is so true ..And can sometimes seem like a lonely road to travel.

    “i started questioning the day i started talking.”

    L.o.L …Same here i think….Much to the great frustration of my family.

    Thanks PeaceRebelGirl, i really enjoyed the reading on your blog.I found it inspiring.

    • thanks for visiting, commenting, and being inspired. and especially for free thinking! now that i’m back from my travels, i will be able to devote more time to posting. there is so much going on!

  14. You are doing wonderful work here! I wish you the best and I look forward to reading more from your works as soon as they are posted!

    Peace, Love, and Tolerance are key.

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