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Special Needs Children Abused in Schools

Mom Says School Aide Waterboarded Her Kid

Special Needs Student Beaten by Illinois police over dress code

Boy stripped to underwear locked in seclusion room in school

Out-of-Control Cops

Several years ago I attended a university lecture by the rapper artist Ice-T who told the audience that seeing a cop car in the rearview mirror while driving does not lend a feeling of comfort. I think that he was predominately referring to the experience of a person of color, which constitutes the highest percentage of cases of police brutality, though cops seem to be less discriminating with their rage these days.

I witnessed my (Mexican) brother-in-law being abused by two cops who tasered him several times. He was arrested on bogus charges and not allowed to defend himself. It was not until he was bent over the trunk of a cop car with his hands behind his back that the police began using a taser on him. When his wife and I protested we were threatened with it as well. And arrested for daring to speak out.

The number of incidents continue to grow at an alarming rate. Here are only a smattering of stories showing cops out of control.

Raw Video: Conn. Officer Beats Suspect

A Connecticut police department has released a video showing that a former Meriden police officer kept beating a suspect after the man had stopped struggling. (March 19)

Fascist Cops Beat Homeless Man

King County Sheriff beats 15 year old girl- Raw video with AUDIO

A security video released Friday shows a King County sheriff’s deputy shoving, kicking and punching a 15-year-old girl (Malika Calhoun) in a holding cell after her arrest. The deputy, Paul Schene, 31, has been charged with fourth-degree assault in connection with the Nov. 29 incident in a holding cell at SeaTac City Hall. Schene pleaded not guilty to the charge Thursday, and he was released on his own recognizance.

Bart Police shooting in Oakland

Fully Nude Strip Search by Cops
Hope Steffey’s ‘Abu Ghraib’ Treatment at the Stark County Jail

Study: 2,002 died in police custody over 3 years

More than 2,000 criminal suspects died in police custody over a three-year period, half of them killed by officers as they scuffled or attempted to flee, the government said Thursday. Full Story

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This story comes from a blog entry by the sister of Greg Laughon who was beaten into a coma by cops (for the charge of having twenty-six grams of marijuana in his possession) where he remains, four years later.

Greg Survived but at What Cost…